Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Psychologists in SA work within the HPCSA's scope of practice ( Clinical Psychologists engage in psychotherapy (talking therapy) with those who experience depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, personality disorders, etc., often with a psychiatrist, who can prescribe medicine. There are various forms of psychotherapy available for help. 

CBT is an umbrella term for a group of psychotherapies that share the same principles, which continues to evolve into new models. This form of psychotherapy is applied worldwide and aims at being evidence-based ( Traditional Beckian Cognitve Therapy/CBT is founded on the model of a dynamic interaction between a specific context, biology, thoughts, feelings and behaviour (ref. History). The focus of therapy is determined by specific problems and is individually tailored to you and your needs. The process of Cognitive Therapy is facilitated by guided discovery and a compassionate relationship in an informal and private environment. Your early history is relevant in terms of understanding the influence thereof on present experience and thinking. Therapy consists of various cognitive and behavioural interventions, and the encouragement of emotions related to your circumstances and the past.         

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In view of standardizing the treatment CBT Fidelity standards have been compiled.

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In the 1950-1960’s Dr AT Beck, a psychiatrist and trained psychoanalyst relooked the theories...

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The structure of a session is similar for all disorders, but interventions differ for individual patients.

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Some disorders CBT Therapy can help with..


CBT has proven to be effective in most mental disorder categories and is therefore referred to as evidence-based treatment.  Some of the most commonly treated disorders and reading options for the public are described below.



Depression may be caused by a combination of physiological, personality and circumstancial...


Anxious symptoms may affect general or specific areas in life...


The condition was previously known as manic-depression,  where moods alternate at various...


The etiology hereof is of biological and psychological nature. Symptoms include obsessions...

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